Schedule Facilitation

The process of facilitation centers on voluntary cooperation between airlines and the schedule facilitator/coordinator of Limak Kosovo Int’l Airport. Airlines and schedule facilitator/coordinator of LKIA should use the SSIM message exchange formats developed for communication at Level 2 airports (Level 2 airport, see WSG at
The Calendar of Coordination Activities specifies the dates when airlines submit their planned operations to the schedule facilitator/coordinator of Limak Kosovo Int’l Airport and the dates when the facilitator/coordinator must reply to the airlines for each flight season.
Schedule Facilitator/Coordinator of LKIA must reply to each airline’s Initial Submission in SAL format, listing the planned operations of that airline held in the facilitator’s database and any recommended schedule adjustments. Airlines should arrange to meet with the facilitator at the Scheduling Conferences to resolve any outstanding issues.
Airlines and other aircraft operators should update Schedule Facilitator/Coordinator of LKIA with all changes to their planned operations as soon as they are known.
Schedule Facilitator/Coordinator consequently will inform the airport and all relevant parties for the changes are planned to operations. 



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