Limak Kosovo International Airport J.S.C.-Prishtina International Airport”ADEM JASHARI” offers different Cargo services in a fast, effective and professional way. Security is a key advantage, thus we examine all the cargo shipment by the most modern Heimman x-ray machines. With up to date security system, modern technological equipment and video surveillance, we guarantee a fast and efficient flow of cargo.So far, we have almost all the worldwide Companies like Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines,Swiss Fedex, Ups, Tnt, Dhl and International Freight Forwarders like Aes Cargo, AGS, Intereuropa,Air Logistic etc. operating in Kosovo and all of them are transporting their goods via our Airport using our Cargo services

Cargo Facilities:

Cargo import warehouse working hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-02:00,
Cargo export warehouse working hours: Mon-Sat 08:00-16:00,
After 48 hours the consignee except daily fees will pay additional fee according to LKIA- Prishtina International Airport “Adem Jashari” Cargo price list in use.
Forklifts available
Refrigerator for cool shipments available
Perishable special room :Not available , (immediate pick-up must be arranged)
Valuable safe for VAL shipments: Not available, (immediate pick-up must be arranged)
Special room for live animal AVI: Not available, (immediate pick-up must be arranged)
Dangerous goods special room: Available
Special room for storing radioactive materials: Available 
For each Dangerous goods shipment planned to be Imported & Exported to PRN special permit needed from Civil Aviation Authorities of Republic of Kosova (CAAK)
Transit Cargo Handling :Not available

Cargo Unit Contacts:
Ramp operation manager & Cargo air manager
Telephone: +381 (0) 38 5015023292
Head of Cargo Operations
Team leaders in Cargo Import
Cargo Finance office in duty
Telephone:+381 (0) 38 5015023294,
Team leaders in Cargo Export

Customs working hours: Mon-Sat 08:00-18:00.

Customs clearance due to our local government applicable laws:
After 24 days if shipments are not taken ,the shipments will be confiscated according to our local government law KDA:03/L 109 chapter 3,article4,chapter 4,article 53,drops1,section 2. In case of confiscated shipment all warehouse charges will be charged to airline or his licensed representative (shipper or freight forwarder).



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