CIP and 17/02 Service

This lounge creates an alternative and more convenient solution for the frequent and appreciative flyers of Kosovo. Passengers that would like to have an independent flying experience with a service delivered by experienced professionals on hand for assistance, a quicker check-in and check-out procedure, and parking privileges can be comforted by the availability of the 17 | 02 Service.

Members of this lounge are taken care of and are provided with the maximum comfort from vehicle to plane or vice versa. A dedicated person responsible for the member meets them at departure area, and assists them along the way. Their baggage is taken care of, the check-in procedure is expedited, and where available the passport control is done in fast counters. 

The foremost purpose of the 17 | 02 Lounge is member comfort. The accommodating premises are away from the regular area, in a quiet atmosphere free from loud announcements and common airport business. The lounge also provides free internet, common office tools, daily and weekly press periodicals. There are also refreshments and various snacks available all the time, free of charge to all lounge users.

The services and benefits of the 17 | 02 Lounge can be enjoyed by either one time usage payment, or yearly membership. Both methods of payment offer a value that is much greater than the price, however the yearly memberships also benefit from free parking, and can also use the services with an accompanying guest.

We are happy to provide you with this luxury. For any further information, please contact any staff member of Limak Prishtina International Airport "Adem Jashari" or e-mail us at

17/02 Service

Departure of 17/02 Service Members

Our Service is being offered beginning at the point where CIP Personnel/staff meets the passenger at Departure.
The Check-in procedure is done accompanied with the assistance of our CIP Personnel/staff, if possible, expedited passage through passport counters is provided.
Additionally our CIP staff will be in disposal to our guests for accompanying them in case they'd like to shop in Duty Free.

Arrival of 17/02 Service Members

We take care of our CIP customers once they make the first step out of the aircraft. The procedures of passport control ,if possible ,are done in fast-counters.
Our customers will be assisted by our CIP staff in case they want to shop in Duty Free.
We continue to accompany our customers up to the point when they meet their greeters and to their vehicles if there is no greeter arranged by them.

CIP Procedures

17/02 Gold Card 

Parking Lot free of charge for 5 days
CIP Unique Lounge usage
1 guest free of charge (a member of family ) and chilren up to 13 years old
Service fee
1 year Card: 350 euro

17/02 Platinum Card 

10 days free parking
CIP 17/02 Lounge usage
1 guest free of charge except the family member and chilren up to 13 years old
Service Fee
1 Year Card: 550 euro

If further information is needed we are in your disposal to supply you with all neccessary details.
Please do contact us at:
Office: 00381(0)385015022202 



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