Passenger Handling Service

Within the framework of international Civil Aviation rules, we aim at increasing the customer satisfaction in Passenger Services, where CIP and VIP services are rendered, by taking the quality and safe service policy as the basis.
Services offered by Limak Kosovo International J.S.C. Passenger Services Unit are as follows:
• Passenger and Baggage Check-in
• VIP Check – in
• CIP Check - in
• Group Check-in
• Travel Documents, Passport Check
• Boarding
• Denied Boarding

Contact Info:

tel: 00381 (0)38 501 502 1362

VIP Check-In

VIPs (Very Important Passengers) are passengers, who due to their official rank or social position are handled with special care and enjoy special privileges. 

Passenger Handling Service Unit usually is not responsible for the VIPs directly. Some of passengers that are treated as VIP at PRN airport may not be categorized as such by the airlines on which they are traveling, however, as a ground handler we do provide following services:
- Pre- assign seat
- Arrange and perform check-in at the VIP lounge
- Escort passengers from VIP lounge to aircraft or from aircraft to the VIP lounge, if requested


CIP and 17/02 Service Check-In

Passengers who are members of CIP and 17/02 has special check-in counter by receiving the service apart from other check-in counters, regardless the airline they're flying with.

Group Check-In

Passengers travelling in group are subject to regular check-in procedures.

Self Check-In

Currently there are five existing self check-in counters at Prishtina International Airport 'Adem Jashari',by enabling passengers to check-in on their own.

Travel Documents

For information on each type of travel document please refer to:


There is assistance given to passengers with disabilities from check-in counter to the Boarding Gate. 

For further information please do contact the information desk.

Denied Boarding

Passengers may be subject to denial of boarding based on procedures of border authorities or airlines if they are found in breach of any of the travelling procedures and regulations.



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