Security and Screening Unit

Security and Screening Unit is provided by airport operator with police assistance.
The aviation security objective is protection and safety of passengers, protection of staff, crew, aircrafts, public and protection of airport properties against acts of unlawful interference.
The aviation security objective is achieved by using the latest technology (EU approved standard 3) of security equipment such as: X-ray machines, liquid scanners, shoe examiners, explosive trace detectors, walk through metal detection, hand held metal detectors and CCTV camera system. 

List of Prohibited articles

Guidelines for classification of prohibited articles
Guidelines are given below for the possible shapes of weapons and restricted items. Common sense shall however prevail in assessing whether an object gives cause to believe that it may be used as a weapon.

a) Firearms: Any weapon from which a shot may be fired by the force of an explosion or compressed air or gas, including starter and flare pistols;

b) Knives and cutting tools: Including sabres, swords, cardboard cutters, hunting knives, souvenir knives, martial arts devices, professional tools and such other knives with blades of 6 cm long or longer and/or knives considered illegal by local law;

c) Bludgeons: Blackjacks, billy clubs, baseball clubs or similar instruments;

d) Explosives/Ammunition/Flammable Liquids/Corrosive: Any explosive or incendiary components, which by themselves or in conjunction with other items can result in an explosion or fire. These include explosive materials, blasting caps, fireworks, gasoline, other flammable liquids, ammunition, etc., or any combination of these items. Any corrosive or toxic substances, including gases, whether or not under pressure;

e) Disabling or Incapacitating Items: All tear gas, mace, and similar chemicals and gases whether in pistol, canister, or other container, and other disabling devices such as electronic stunning/shocking devices;

f) Other Articles: Such items as ice picks, alpenstocks, straight razors, and elongated scissors, which, even though not commonly thought of as a deadly or dangerous weapon, could be used as a weapon, including toy or "dummy" weapons or grenades;

g) Articles of any kind giving rise to reasonable suspicion that an items may be used to simulate a deadly weapon; such articles shall include but not be limited to: objects resembling explosive devices or other items that may give appearance of a weapon or dangerous item;

h) Chemical/biological attack items and substances: The possibilities for chemical/biological attacks include the use of chemical or biological agents to commit unlawful acts. Such restricted chemical/biological substances shall include but not be limited to the following: sulphur mustard, vx., chlorine, sarin, hydrogen cyanide, anthrax, botulism, smallpox, tularemia, and viral hemorrhagic fever (v.h.f.).
Items indicating the nature of the chemical/biological substance or suspicion of such nature shall be immediately notified to airport authority, police, military or other relevant authority and isolated from public terminal areas. These lists concentrate on generic descriptions, are limited to security-relevant items and do not include dangerous goods.

Handling of Prohibited Articles

Cabin Baggage, Passengers, Staff and Items Carried
The following articles are examples of articles which must never be carried in the cabin of an aircraft or into the security restricted area of Limak Kosovo International Airport J.S.C, except by authorised persons who require them to undertake tasks that are essential to the operation of airport facilities or aircraft, catering facilities or restaurants, or by flight crew who require them for the performance of normal in-flight duties. There may be other items about which security staff have concern and which may be confiscated if found.

Generic Definitions

- Guns, firearms and weapons - any object capable, or appearing capable, of discharging a projectile. Special attention must be paid to concealed or camouflaged items of this nature;
- Pointed weapons and sharp objects - pointed and bladed items capable of causing injury;
- Blunt instruments - any blunt object capable of causing injury;
- Explosive and highly inflammable substances which could be used to facilitate an act of unlawful interference;
- Chemicals or chemical substances, which could be used to facilitate an act of unlawful interference.


1. guns, firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles — devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury by discharging a projectile, including:
- firearms of all types, such as pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns,
- toy guns, replicas and imitation firearms capable of being mistaken for real weapons,
- component parts of firearms, excluding telescopic sights,
- compressed air and CO 2 guns, such as pistols, pellet guns, rifles and ball bearing guns,
- signal flare pistols and starter pistols,
- bows, cross bows and arrows,
- harpoon guns and spear guns,
- slingshots and catapults;

2. stunning devices — devices designed specifically to stun or immobilise, including:
- devices for shocking, such as stun guns, tasers and stun batons,
- animal stunners and animal killers,
- disabling and incapacitating chemicals, gases and sprays, such as mace, pepper sprays, capsicum sprays, tear gas, acid sprays and animal repellent sprays;

3. objects with a sharp point or sharp edge — objects with a sharp point or sharp edge capable of being used to cause serious injury, including:
- items designed for chopping, such as axes, hatchets and cleavers,
- ice axes and ice picks,
- razor blades,
- box cutters,
- knives with blades of more than 6 cm, EN L 55/16 Official Journal of the European Union
- scissors with blades of more than 6 cm as measured from the fulcrum,
- martial arts equipment with a sharp point or sharp edge, swords and sabres;

4. workmen’s tools — tools capable of being used either to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of aircraft, including:
- crowbars,
- drills and drill bits, including cordless portable power drills,
- tools with a blade or a shaft of more than 6 cm capable of use as a weapon, such as screwdrivers and chisels,
- saws, including cordless portable power saws,
- blowtorches,
- bolt guns and nail guns;

5. blunt instruments — objects capable of being used to cause serious injury when used to hit, including:
- baseball and softball bats,
- clubs and batons, such as billy clubs, blackjacks and night sticks,
- martial arts equipment;

6. explosives and incendiary substances and devices — explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable, or appearing capable, of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft, including:
- ammunition,
- blasting caps,
- detonators and fuses,
- replica or imitation explosive devices,
- mines, grenades and other explosive military stores,
- fireworks and other pyrotechnics,
- smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges,
- dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives. 

Security Procedures

Airport Security,
Airside / Landside,
Security Restricted Areas (SRA),
Critical Parts of SRA,
Security of Passengers & Cabin Baggage,
Security of Hold Baggage,
Security of Aircraft,
Security of Air Carrier Catering, Stores Supplies and Mail,
Security of Aircraft Cleaning Operations,
Security of Cargo, Courier, Express Parcels and Mail,
List of Prohibited Items,
Close Circuit TV System (CCTV)



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